PPM Property Maintenance

PPM Services (Division) Painting and Maintenance contractors was founded in 2000 to support the company’s rentals division with repairs. Due to exceptional technical expertise and quality service delivery the division has grown to be able to provide this service to external clients as well.

Our team comprises of dynamic, well qualified members and semi-skilled labourers led by a site supervisor and project manager.

The team is skilled and driven by passion for innovation and quality service delivery.


Our Services Include

Roof Maintenance & Repairs

  • Roof Waterproofing
  • Roof Redecoration
  • Roof Ridges Repairs
  • ECO Rubber re-seal

Gutters and Rainwater Disposal

  • New installations of gutters and down pipes
  • Cleaning and repairs to the gutter and down pipes
  • Divert to Jojo tanks and Installation of Jojo tanks  

General Plumbing and Maintenance

  • Repairs to leaks
  • Unblocking
  • Toilet cistern repairs and replacement
  • All other minor maintenance on Plumbing

Renovations and Redecoration

  • Painting
  • Plastering
  • Spalling Treating and Repairs
  • Major and Minor Crack Repairs
  • Pointing wall Repairs
  • Flash Detail Repairs
  • Wooden, PVC, Asbestos, fibre cement, fascias
  • Eaves (Repairs and Installation)
  • Concrete Floors and Ceiling Repairs
  • Wall Care (Fungi and Mould repairs)


  • Fault finding
  • General Lights Diarised route in maintenance
  • Electrical Maintenance repairs  
  • Installation and Repairs of Plugs, Light fittings, Timers, Relays and day/night sensor installation  
  • DB Board repairs and Installation

Windows, Door and Door Frames

  • Glass replacement
  • Re-seal wooden windows and doors (Varnish)
  • Repairs to Wooden window hinges
  • Repairs to Aluminium window frames
  • Repairs to Steel Window Frames
  • Hanging doors and Frames (only wooden)


  • Installation of Burglar Proofing (Only Standard off the shelf)
  • Razor Wire
  • Rolla Spikes
  • And other minor installation and repairs

Automation and Access Control

  • Installation and repairs of gate motor
  • Remotes programming and maintenance of gate motors


  • Tilling
  • Carpentry
  • And all odds 

Proficient Property Management is an Affiliated member of the following esteemed organisations: 


National Association of Managing Agents


The Institute of Realtors of South Africa


The Estate Agency Affairs Board


South African Property Owners Association

Proficient Property Management (Pty) Ltd is registered with the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority

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